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4th November 2016


In light of the MoD’s decision to reset the 2* level of operations as the baseline for future operations in the land environment, the Land Combat Power Visit was designed to showcase the range of capabilities with which the deployed Divisional Commander would orchestrate for joint actions.

10 QOGLR was tasked this year to provide the Rear Support Area stand, placing particular emphasis on ‘what enables land forces to survive, move and fight’ in order to conduct the decisive act, or shaping or protecting tasks.

Elements from across the Regiment deployed to Old Carter Barracks (Tidworth) for two weeks in order to establish and replicate the RSA set up, including field storage area, bulk fuel installation, transport capabilities and Regimental Headquarters. From here, members of the Regiment conducted centralised briefings, demonstrations and Q&A opportunities to various departments across Defence.

Special recognition should be given to Officer Commanding Major Giles Sugdon, SQMS SSgt Bikram Thapa, Cpl Saugat Subba and Cpl Sunil Joshi for their coordination and set up.

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