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13th April 2015


In February 15 a composite Sqn from 10 QOGLR deployed on Ex SHAMAL STORM in Jordan as part of Task Force CENTURIAN, exercising the newly established Vanguard Enabling Group (VE Gp) concept.

The initial phase of the Ex saw the 10 QOGLR elements conducting RSOI and receiving stores into theatre. From the RSOI staging area a handful of The Supply Troop then moved 200 km North into Jordan as part of the advance party, providing organic security with Engineer elements TACON. This advance party was followed up some 7 days later by the main body of troops, with the convoy being led by Cpl Santosh Rai.

Throughout the Exercise the composite Squadron provided real life support to elements of 8 Engr Bde, 1 Scots and the remainder of the VE Gp in the area and this was an excellent opportunity for all involved to shake out prior to our Regimental high readiness year. The nature of the Exercise meant that there were lulls in activity and under the direction of WO2 Paul Newham the Squadron conducted a number of live pistol, GPMG, defensive and top cover shoots. There was also the opportunity to conduct further low level training serials including CBRN, Convoy Drills and OBUA activities. This was an excellent period for all involved and within the space of 2 months we were able to conduct the equivalent of a years worth of training in the United Kingdom. The Squadron also provided support to BMATT training teams working with the Jordanian Armed Forces, preparing them for their NATO accreditation, supplying instructors who conducted a number of Protected Logistic Manoeuvre training serials.

Concurrently to the training and real life support, the Squadron also conducted a number of extra curricular and cultural activities. There was opportunity for all to visit Wadi Rum, made famous by Lawrence of Arabia and also the ancient city of Petra, one of the wonders of the world. There was a also a great deal of physical activity conducted, with a rigorous PT programme implemented including a number of Cross Fit competitions and the Squadron entered a team into the Dead 2 Red relay race which saw the 10 QOGLR team place second in the 210 Km relay race against teams sporting a number of professional athletes.

Overall Ex SHAMAL STORM was an excellent experience for all involved. It provided an opportunity for those from both Driver and Supplier backgrounds to work in real life support situations. One of the major benefits of the Ex was the use of live Log IS which allowed the supply element of the Squadron to cut its teeth at trade and with opportunities at a premium with the draw down from Afghanistan, Exercises of this nature will become increasingly more important.

Lt J S Broad RLC

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