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25th January 2017


Exercise LION SUN is taking place in Cyprus from January to February 2017 and is designed to exercise the Regiment and our partner reserve unit, 151 Regiment RLC, in all field activities.

As the dismounted Close Combat phase of the exercise draws to a close, the Regiment had the pleasure to host Commander 101 Logistic Brigade, Brigadier Simon Hamilton OBE. Having spent 6 days in the field the deployed forced conducted battle preparation, Company and Platoon Orders Groups and Rehearsal of Concept Drills for a Company level attack on Paramali Village. Having successfully completed their mission, to defeat and clear all enemy in the village, the phase concluded with some well deserved messing.

The 105 deployed personnel drawn from across the Regiment and our sister Reserve Regiment now move on to a Live Firing package and some challenging Adventurous Training.





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