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13th April 2016


The Officers of 10 QOGLR were welcomed back after the Easter leave period with a breakfast in the Officers’ Mess on Monday 11 April 2016. The main reason behind this was to welcome a new member to their ranks – Captain Prakash Gurung. Capt Prakash has made the step across in to the Officers’ Mess, after 20 years of dedicated service as a Soldier, which culminated in his role as Squadron Sergeant Major of 28 Squadron QOGLR. Capt Prakash was escorted in to the Mess by Commander QOGLR, Lt Col Patch Reehal MBE and the Gurkha Major QOGLR, Maj Devendra Ale MVO. The Commander read a passage from ‘Serve to Lead’, quoting his hero Field Marshal Viscount Slim, asking Capt Prakash to love his men, and to share his wisdom and experience in helping to develop them and the Junior Officers around him. The short ceremony finished with the Commander and Gurkha Major pinning Captain Prakash’s new Officers’ rank on to his shoulders, a proud moment for one of the Regiment’s most loyal servants.

Shyabas Capt Prakash and good luck in this exciting new stage of your career!


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  1. By Glen Allison on

    Just caught Site of this. Congratulations Prakash. Great to see you with GM Saab Dev and Col ‘Patch’. Jai QOGLR! Glen A


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