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QOGLR Overseas Cricket Tour.

QOGLR organised an Overseas Cricket Tour to Nepal over the period 1-8 Dec 17 to play friendly matches against teams of the Nepalese Army. The aim of the tour was to provide a unique opportunity to develop the Regimental Cricket Team by competing against tough opponents at a different skill level within a challenging environment.

The Nepalese Army Team was composed of cricketers of Tribhuvan Club, which consisted 6 players who had already featured in the National Team of Nepal. The QOGLR Team was made up from personnel who are currently serving in 10 QOGLR and those who are serving in wider QOGLR ERE posts outside the Regiment.

The tour was organised and co-ordinated by SSgt Lalkaji Gurung. He was supported by various individuals within the Cricket Team and wider Regiment, including Sgt Yam Roka Magar (2IC) , Cpl Jackee Gurung (Treasurer), LCpl Saugat Gurung (Secretary), LCpl Bijay Gurung, LCpl Suman Gurung, LCpl Ishu Pun and LCpl Sanjay Gurung.

The tour was incredibly successful. The whole team developed significantly in terms of improving the technical aspect of their game, as well as growing as sportsmen overall. Once the final match had concluded, prizes were awarded by Maj D J Pickersgill RLC (Comd QOGLR) and Lt Col S Bhatt (Nepalese Army).

It was an honour to engage with the Nepalese Army sportsmen and sportswomen both on and off the pitch. The Defence Engagement activities on and off the cricket pitch and the social function attended by both teams have further strengthened the relationship between the Nepalese Army and the British Army. The Nepalese Army are thanked for their wonderful hospitality, and a special note of appreciation is extended to Col Prakash Thapa and Maj Sagar Thapa for being so supportive of the tour.

Submission prepared by SSgt Lalkaji Gurung.

(Commander’s afternote - SSgt Lal Guruji, I do not underestimate the effort you and your team put in to making this tour the huge success it was. You and your staff have invested literally months in terms of planning, co-ordinating and executing these activities, including securing hard-won funding from a variety of sources, and opening communications channels with the Nepalese Army, which was undoubtedly complex due to geographic dislocation and time-zone differences. You and your team have been superb, and you must have a sense of real pride in all that you have achieved - Shaybas Guruji!).

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